This is a scouring machine with indipendent channels for the improvement of all types of fabric including the most dedicate.

It provides for the elimination of fulling – and whashing – related problems and the improvement of the fabric through the avoidance of piquette abrasion and slippage.

It also provides a soft hand very special effect and leaves a special “reblown” surface.

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304  stainless steel. It  features special fulling channels in long-lasting synthetic material which, with a specially designer fulling case, contributes to the creation of the dedicate effect described above

  • Entirely made of the AISI 304 steel except for the rotaring part
  • Lower stationary cylinder with 4 grooves section made of special rubber
  • Upper mobile stationary cylinder with 4 grooves section made of special rubber and with right and left side pressure and lightening rollers
  • No. 4 follower channels in AISI 304 steel, 8mm thick, with plastic slippers and stainless tongues
  • No. 4 hinged plates and stationary plates made of lasting synthetic material with indipendent pistons for each channel
  • Power fabric guides for each channel
  • Safety device against knots,accident fabric slipping in the washing or fulling phase, with fast lifting of the upper cylinder and immediate machine shutdown
  • Front sprayers with ball valves with eletric liter counter for adjusuting the flow rete and wetting the fabric uniformly before fulling and in the washing phases
  • Drain tray under the lower cylinder with pneumatic valves with discharge for each single channel
  • Pneumatic valves for the bottom drain
  • AISI 304 steel fabric remuver for fast removal of the fabric ropes
  • Powerd vertical front door in tempered glass
  • rear AISI 304 steel door for pneumatic piston opening
  • Digital meter displayed with manual program for measuring the fabric ropes in the machines loading phases which immediately stops at the end of loading
  • External rear AISI 304 steel tank od 450 l. for preparation of the bath a 2 HP stainless steel motor pump and steam coil
  • Connection piping of front sprayers pump with external whater line with AISI 304 1”1⁄₂ piper and ON/OFF valve with bronze body
  • CE Certification